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The current chair council had been looking into updating the host questionaire we have. We have made some changes and we would like feedback from the ETC playerbase on it to have a more detailed understanding of the bids coming and have an open dialogue about who we should vote.

In the meantime we plan to collect hosting bids for 2020 at the start of the new year with a vote in the beginning of April.


Section A- General Information
1- The Name of the Bid (example: 2020 New York)

2- What city and country are you planning to host the event in?

3- What dates are you planning to host the ETC? (If you have several potential dates, note one as your primary)

4- Along with the main systems, what side events are you planning to hold?

5- Are you planning to hold singles for the side events?

Section B- Organising Team
6- Who is in the organising team? If they have been involved in past ETC's or not, and their past and present involvement with related hobby endavours. Also details about their "real-life" occupations.

7- Local tabletop gaming communities. Number of clubs, active players for each main system. Biggest event to date, regular large events comparetively to other events. List of involved parties who will help with organising but not directly in the team.

Section C- Venue
8- What venues are you considering?

9- Address and websites of those venues.

10- Surface area? (Note: ETC requires minimum amount of 3000 sqm of area.)

11- Technical and other details. Venue details about internet availability, places for projectors, amount of bathrooms, air coniditioning, power outlets, additional utility areas.

Section D- Logistics
12- How is the city and venue accessible from outside the local area?

13- How is the venue accessible in the local area?

14- Estimated cost of travel from travel hubs? (Frankfurt, London, Paris, Amsterdam)

15- Approximate cost of local transport? (Local public transport & 15 min+10 km taxi ride)
16- Approximate cost of a twin hotel room on average? ( With examples of high and low end pricepoints)

Section E- Gaming Essentials

17- Tables, how are you planning to acquire tables? (Details and price estimates)

18- Boards, how are you planning to acquire boards to put on tables? (Details and price estimates)

19- Terrain, what is the current terrain inventory of the bidding group for the main events and any proposed side events?

20- How are you planning to acquire the terrain needed if your inventory is not enough?

21- Are you planning to put a gaming mat on every table? Or are you planning to use painted wood?

22- Chairs, how are you planning to acquire chairs needed for over 600 players (just for the main systems) ? (Details and price estimates)

Section F - Referee
23 - How many referees are you planning to have for each game system? (Side events included)

24- How many of these are you planning to provide via local referees (same nation as host) and how many are international referees?

25- Are you planning to provide food and lodging for the referees? Or are you planning to refund costs.

26- What is the average detailed refund budget for a referee? ( X amount of travel, hotel +lunch provided etc.)

Section G- Food & Drinks
27- Are you planning to provide a food plan for the players? If so will the food plan be included in the main ticket price or will it be a sperate option?

28- Even if you are planning to prove a food plan what are the other local options and how close are they to the venue?

29- What is your plan to provide meal to groups of players reaching 300 at the same time? (Details)

30- Are you planning to provide just lunch, or are you planning to provide breakfast as well?

31- Are you planning to have a bar ?

Section H- Third Party Involvement
32- What are your current connections with potential sponsors?

33- What are your current connections with local municipalities, tourism boards and so on?

34- What are you planning to offer for potential sponsors?

35- Can you offer a part of the venue for a sponsor to hold a shop, organise painting competitions, friendly activities or for other displays?

Section I - Finances
(Please provide a detailed estimate of all the major income and expenses in an excel sheet
Including but not limited to;
*Ticket income- sponsor income- venue cost- referee cost- terrain cost - tables&chair cost)

36- What will be the entry fee?

37- Will you be operating the bar as ETC Orga or will it be operated by a third party?

38- Provide details about your income streams?

39- How do you plan to invest the potential profit from the event?

40- Are you open to study a solution with chairmen so that entry fee are cashed in by them before being forwarded to you ?

41- Are you willing to work with the ETC in a leaner tema enrollment process, using a structured payment system?

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