ETC 2018 Feedback Thread

#1 by pizzaguardian , Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:40 am

As it says on the tin...

Please share your opinions about the event and submit your feedback

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RE: ETC 2018 Feedback Thread

#2 by M1le , Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:06 pm

I'll place a grade under each section. I think this is the best way to give relevant feedback.

- Grade: A minus (-).
- Comment: The location was great, it had free parking spots and easy access. It was air conditioned. There were a lot of broken chairs which could be better, but at least the whole community had a good laugh when somebody broke one. I hope everybody that fell down was alright however :).

- Grade: B.
- Comment: The food was good and most certainly better than on some of the previous ETC venues. I was lacking a bit of variety though. You get bored of eating burgers for three straight days. How were our vegetarian friends treated?

- Grade: A++. Thanks Andrei Mirea, Hugo Carmona, Chris Jackson, Danila Zubok, Jorge Martins and James McMeiken for six enjoyable and tight games.
- No comment.

Tables and terrain:
- Grade: C minus (-). It would have been a big F if the judges and community wouldn't save of what was a horrible organization part from the organizer.
- Comment: The organizer failed to communicate to the community that he has a terrain problem and clearly doesn't understand what it takes to make good FOW tables. If it wouldn't have been for the donations from Team France, Italy and Slovenia, this would have been a disaster (if I missed someone, please accept my apologies). Almost no effort was put from the organizer to remedy the situation and they only relied on our judges to remedy the situation. To see the picture on how bad this situation was, is to tell that the judges had to use wooden planks from the table constructions to represent the roads. You can read more on this topic on: ETC FoW terrain issues . The table constructions were also a bit too small for my taste and could have been larger. The only plus I find here is that the tables weren't connected to each other, so we could walk freely around them.

Regards, Milan

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RE: ETC 2018 Feedback Thread

#3 by James Brown , Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:14 am

- Grade: A
- Comment: The venue was excellent. Great space as well as air-conditioning. It was a suitably epic venue for ETC. The org was also well run from what I experienced. The mall being across the way also added to the food options which was a huge plus. Easily the best venue Iíve seen at ETC.

- Grade: .
- Comment: As a team we didnít partake as had previous bad experiences (see Prague) but the mall food court serviced us brilliantly.

- Grade: A++.
- Comment: The spirit in which the games were played as excellent. Winning best sports as a team was a huge highlight. I am hoping some of the unsightly behaviour post ETC regarding refs etc. doesnít mar what was an amazing event.

Tables and terrain:
- Grade: B
- Comment: As a team we were actually a big fan of the mats/2d terrain actually creating a simple playing experience. I actually was convinced for an event of scale this is a good way to go to get consistency.

Overall a massive thumbs up and worth the thousands of miles travelled to attend.

Cheers James Ė Captain Team NZ

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RE: ETC 2018 Feedback Thread

#4 by Ironrock , Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:26 am

Second ETC for me, a memorable one and best week Iíve had in an age in spite of personal illness during the event. Some feedback below for the organisers and personnel involved.
Thanks to all involved making the ETC what it is, I look forward to trying to make a team next year to involved again. If not could find myself supporting the event another way.

Area was great, air-conditioning was spot on, space between tables was great, location for ease of travel was good as well, plus onsite parking was a bonus.
Downside was chair-gate, but if breakages like this without injury is the only bad thing I am happy with that.

Was more concerning, took a little time to sort this out with the schedules, and I personally missed out using any of my tokens all week. (Partly because of illness I swerved it) The venue next door was more than suitable to support the volume of players and had I known of this I would have avoided the food stand tickets altogether. That said it is good that you have an onsite solution for those that wanted it, so all good.
Bars on site did their job well, never too much of a queue, well stocked and located in positions easy to gain access to. If the price of soft drinks could go down Iíd be scoring 10-10!

As someone that had to rely on the forethought and planning of the site management team I was thankful for the facilities and staff involved. And would like to extend a personal thankyou to the medical, fire, and organising teams who had to look after me on the Friday after an incident, and got me home to recover.

I have no problem with the 2D terrain being used and itís good to ensure accurate and fair use of this for all tables to play under the same conditions for consistency. Plus, should reduce costs of the event long term for T9A too which is great.
Table spacing was great, and walkways around were plentiful as well, the projected timers were also beneficial, although would be great if they had an urgency in the final 10 mins say for players to wrap up and submit scores. (Flash/colour changes etc.)
Players overall seemed to be great at the event, even in heated discussions team coaches came together to settle things effectively for the players so they could continue in an atmosphere still open to a balanced game. There were of course flashes of unacceptable behaviour, and even if this was post event/post rounds during the event it shouldnít be accepted at the ETC and needs to be actioned.
The Refs were always available when needed, and it wasnít too hard to find them which was great, hey were also very switched onto players who are notorious for complaints. I am sorry about the incident that occurred post event, and I hope that this doesnít prevent a full team of Refs again next year. Hopefully with an updated Rules Pack and Charter things will be easier for them too.

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RE: ETC 2018 Feedback Thread

#5 by Ugrush , Thu Aug 16, 2018 5:26 pm

It was a nice venue. Good air conditioning and good organisation or bars/drinking stations.

This was lack luster, as always seems to be the story. Several of our players got served half cook burgers hence we decided to go the the food court in the next building.
I won't even go in on the first place the food was served during day 1 of the ESC.

Awesome opponents. We played a bunch of now good friends and had a blast!

Tables and terrain:
This is also a big challenge for the orga. As a T9A team, it was more than slightly annoying to look at the effort put into 40k terrain and comparing it to our own.
The captains of T9A gave the orga in task to do 2D terrain with 3D pieces on top. Either my vision is missing a dimension, or there were no 3D pieces...
Half the tables were bent like a banana and horrible to play on, this was even at the beginning of the ESC.

Conclusion: Food and terrains/tables was a dissapointment this year also, but we had a blast with our opponents and we would sure return :)

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