ETC 2018 conclusions

#1 by Caxowrro , Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:46 pm

As the Spanish captain, i would like to say some things, this is a personal opinion, not a statement.

The first thing is to make clear that the round against Poland was pretty clean, we just had problems in one table. The other 7 tables were so clean, considering that it was table 1, this is to be grateful. And from what I've seen, the problems came from one person only.

If Poland had won it would have done so with full legitimacy and fair play. It was a pleasure to compete with them. And I hope they come stronger next year, because that way the tournament is better. Well played guys. A witch hunt is absolutely not fair, not at all.

I would also like to dedicate a few words to the other rivals we had:

to Canada for coming from so far and for being so polite and nice, I hope you come the following years.

To Russia, because we also had a very clean round, in Greece we had so many problems and this year has been completely different, 0 problems. Hope you keep going this way.

To New Zeland, Australia and Italy because they were good opponents and we had clean and good rounds of playing warhammer.

I also want to thanks the referees, needed in a competition like this, and whose work is not usually valued.

And the organizers, they made an outstanding event.

By last i want to thank all the people who encouraged us to win the tournament, congratulated us and everyone who shouted "por favor" at the awards ceremony, we felt very supported. I still have chills when watching the video, we really appreciate that. It's like a dream come true, we finally have our star and we will never forget this weekend.

It is definitely worth waiting year after year for August to be able to enjoy a weekend of competition among so many friends, LONG LIFE TO THE ETC!!!

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RE: ETC 2018 conclusions

#2 by James Brown , Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:32 am

Total congrats on behalf of Team NZ!

Having reached table 2 for probably the first time ever we weren't sure what to expect from the game. We had heard plenty of rumors of "top table behavior" but I can honestly say you were utter gents during the game. A great example to set and worthy winners. Thank you for the Warhammer lesson and we hope to see you again back at the top tables next year

Cheers James

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James Brown  
James Brown
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RE: ETC 2018 conclusions

#3 by Galadros , Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:39 pm

As Team Canada on our virgin voyage to the ETC, I thank team Spain for your early guidance, advice, encouragement, and sound thrashing!
You were all gentlemen, and did I still us with a good sense of how to better prepare for future competions. Congratulations again for your hard earned victory. Since we did an exchange of shirts, I will treasure the Spanish championship vicariously through that.

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