List Submission Penalties

#1 by Mike Newman , Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:23 am

Now lists are in, and the threat of penalties has done its intended job of allowing the TO’s to get the list document out to every team ASAP can we call for a common sense approach to the application of penalties.

It seems crazy in our mind to be docking points for minor spelling mistakes or formatting errors (out of order, old names, missing words, abbreviations). Especially when the first language of the majority of nations is not even English. As long as he list makes sense and can’t be confused for anything else.

I’m sure there are mistakes in our list. And I’m sure if I go through every nations list with a fine toothcomb I can probably find mistakes in the majority of lists, hell even the example list in the tournament pack has multiple mistakes in it.

A good example of this is the Swedish SA list what has units of “Skank Hunters” - a spelling mistake which by the rules pack would result in a points penalty, though it is very clear what it is meant to be.

As long as the list is legible and clear as to what things are I would campaign for the referees to be lenient with penalties, hopefully that will prevent any bad feeling amongst teams or guilt within teams - this is meant to be an event we are all there to enjoy after all, not one where we are pouring over army lists looking for spelling mistakes to try and gain an advantage or get one over another group of gamers.

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RE: List Submission Penalties

#2 by Frederick , Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:40 am

the final version is uploaded now and only judges have rights to edit it. I think they will pretty soon get in touch with the teams that have to live with penalties. I agree that we should not be harsh at all with typos and the like.

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RE: List Submission Penalties

#3 by James Brown , Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:07 am

Indeed I think spelling mistakes "skank" v Skink shouldn't incur a penalty and a common sense approach should be applied.

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#4 by eggsPR , Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:29 pm


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#5 by Babnik Kalenina , Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:18 pm

All these spelling and points mistakes are unfortunately typical of our game.
It is highly time consuming.
In Warmachine/Hordes it doesn't happens because players have obligation to make their rooster through list builder app such as WarRoom or ConflictChamber. That's something we must think about in T9A...

My 2 cents

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Babnik Kalenina
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RE: .

#6 by Fjugin , Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:43 pm

This is the current list of penalties related to errors in armylists.
Disclaimer, it's not 100% confirmed by all judges yet.

(ps, you can read about the rules penalties and errors in army list at the end of this document:

Austria -1
Vermin swarm: No character indicated as general and several possible options. Small mistake: -1 BP
(vermin daemon is the general)

Bulgaria -3
Saurian ancient, no path on cuatl: "large mistake": -3 BP
(was given divination)

Canada -3
Dread elves, ghostly guard was given to model with no heavy armour: "large mistake": -3 BP
(Was replaced by basalt infusion and shield)

England -3
Highborn elves, ghostly guard was given to model with no heavy armour. "large mistake": -3 BP
(The model was given heavy armour and lost lucky charm)

Slovenia -3
Vermin Swarm: Lightning rod on rat-at-arms. "large mistake": -3
(Lightning rod moved to BSB, talisman of the void moved to tyrant. One unit of gutter blades replaced by one unit of footpads.)

Ukraine -1
Sylvan Elves. Two characters indicated as general. "small mistake": -1 BP
(Druid is no longer general)

Wales -6
Warriors of the Dark Gods: Sorcerer with no path noted. "large mistake: -3 BP
(it uses alchemy)
Vermin Swarm: 95 points too much tunnel gunners. "large mistake": -3
(remove catapult, Add 2 rat swarms. Remove potion of speed and add Adept on patriarch)

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